Topoi Buns with Pineapple Jam, Coconut & Red Chilli Scrambled Eggs & Crispy Bacon

Traditional Fijian sweet dough buns spread with pineapple jam and served with pan-fried crispy bacon and creamy scrambled eggs with fresh red chilli and coconut cream.

Spicy Beans on Dombolo with American Chilli Cheese Hot Dogs 

Toasted steamed bread topped with smoky spicy beans, and served with pan-fried American Chilli Cheese Hot Dogs.

Pork Sausages with Spicy Tomato Spinach & Poached Egg on Crispy Baby Potatoes

Fresh spinach cooked with tomatoes and red chilli, served with oven-baked, golden-brown pork sausages and a poached egg on a bed of crispy deep-fried baby potatoes

Putu Pap with Tomato & Olive Salsa, Amasi & Crispy Bacon

Tangy fresh tomato and olive salsa served on crumbly putu pap with crispy bacon and creamy amasi.



Prego Kebab on Fried Flatbread with Spiced Butter & Red Onion Yoghurt Dressing (also the video)

Succulent prego steak and shallot skewers served on a fried flatbread spread with spiced butter, drizzled with a red onion yoghurt and garnished with micro herbs.


Ginger Beer-Braised Pork Belly with Plum, Aubergine & Pak Choi Salad

Pork belly slow-baked in a bath of ginger beer, fresh ginger root and garlic served with an Asian-inspired salad of baked aubergines, pak choi and plums with a tangy soy and lime dressing.


Marmite & Honey Pork Fillet with Spicy Baked Sweet Potato

Tender, oven-cooked pork fillet slathered in a marmite and honey marinade, paired with baked sweet potato and drizzled with an olive oil-based chilli and apricot jam dressing.


Bobotie Frikkadels in Yoghurt with Chilli Scrambled Eggs on Coriander Rice 

Mini frikkadels with bobotie spice mix and plain yoghurt, served on coriander rice topped with a chilli egg scramble and sour cream.


Braai your heart out! Get fired up and celebrate National Braai Day with these #JustDelicious recipes that’ll make you proud to be South African!


Braaied Spare Ribs with Crispy Golden Potatoes (also the video)

Boiled potato halves, smothered in a spicy, zesty golden marinade and braaied over hot coals alongside two racks of #JustDelicious Spare Ribs. Served garnished with fresh herbs.


Sweet & Sticky Braai Chops with Fire-Baked Beer Bread

A rack of seasoned #JustDelicious Loin Chops par-cooked over hot coals, covered with a sweet, spicy marinade and then braaied until charred and sticky. Served sliced with warm fire-baked beer bread with butter, jam and cheese.


BBQ Ribs with Chakalaka Bread Pudding and Green Salad

Cubes of crusty bread smothered in a mixture of eggs, cream and chakalaka, covered with cheese and baked until golden brown. Served with braaied BBQ ribs and a fresh green salad drizzled with a creamy yoghurt dressing.


BBQ Rasher Braai Toastie Kebabs with Tomato Jam

#JustDelicious BBQ rashers braaied until crispy then encased in bread dough, brushed with olive oil and braaied AGAIN over hot coals until golden brown. Served with a warm side of sweet tomato jam.



Get in the hot seat! Light a fire, crack your favourite refreshment and enjoy the #JustDelicious meals we’ve created for you! 


Bacon & Cheese Jalapeño Poppers

Spicy jalapeño chillies, deseeded, stuffed with a #JustDelicious mixture of crispy bacon, cream cheese and white cheddar, coated in seasoned flour and creamy amasi then deep-fried until golden and crispy.


Loin Ribs with Roasted Onions on Creamy Cold Mash

Juicy, #JustDelicious Marinated Loin Ribs prepared over hot coals and served on a bed of cold, creamy mashed potatoes, topped with roasted onions cooked in a rich tomato, rosemary and garlic gravy.


Prego Sosaties with Roasted Aubergine Dip

Aubergine and red onion halves, oven-roasted then blended with chilli, coriander, garlic, cream cheese, salt and pepper to create a flavourful dip served alongside #JustDelicious prego sosaties braaied to perfection over hot coals.


Mexican Chilli Ribs with Lemon & Herb Butter Dip

#JustDelicious Mexican Chilli Ribs, oven-baked, sliced into portions and served with a rich lemon and herb butter dipping sauce made with egg yolks, butter, olive oil, parsley, chives, garlic and lemon juice.




Lend us your ears! This week, we’re pairing tender, juicy pork with corn to create #JustDelicious meals that are nothing short of a-maize-ing!


Spicy Corn Flatbread with Pulled Pork & Red Onion Salsa

Flour, creamed sweetcorn and cayenne pepper combined to create a dough, which is rolled out and fried until golden brown, then topped with #JustDelicious pulled pork and a fresh salsa made of red onions, garlic and green tomatoes.


Popcorn, Bacon & White Chocolate Cookies

#JustDelicious minced bacon fried until crispy, then mixed into a sweet dough with popcorn and white chocolate chips before being baked into indulgent cookies.


Pork Neck Steak, Charred Corn & Avocado Salad with Butter Vinegar Dressing

#JustDelicious Pork Neck Steaks fried, sliced into strips, served topped with charred corn, sliced avocado and micro leaves and drizzled with a tangy butter vinegar dressing.


Footlong Cheese Russian Roll with Sweet Corn Chutney

Fresh hot dog rolls, butter-toasted, sliced open and filled with a #JustDelicious golden-brown cheese Russian, topped with sweet corn chutney and garnished with micro herbs.



Take a leaf out of our book! We’re giving you the green light to try these #JustDelicious leafless salads that feature colour, flavour and texture beyond beleaf!


Pork Fillet & Green Bean Salad with Rooibos & Honey Vinaigrette

A #JustDelicious pork fillet is drizzled with olive oil, seasoned and seared in a hot pan until browned on both sides, then sliced and served on a crunchy salad of fresh green beans, peas, cucumber and red onion marinated in a tangy rooibos and honey vinaigrette.


Mini Frikkadel Salad with Spicy Sour Cream Dressing

#JustDelicious Mini Frikkadels are oven-baked with cauliflower florets, leeks and pumpkin seeds until golden brown, topped with thinly sliced apples dressed in lemon juice and served drizzled with a spicy dressing made of sour cream, apple juice and cayenne pepper!


Rib Burger Salad with Balsamic and Maple Vinaigrette

#JustDelicious rib burgers are oven-baked, sliced and served on a bed of rosa and heirloom tomatoes drizzled with a tasty, tart vinaigrette made of cream, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, garlic and dijon mustard.


Chopped Ham & Beetroot Salad with Creamy Pomegranate Dressing

Fresh beetroots are boiled, peeled and cut into quarters and added to a bowl with slices of #JustDelicious chopped ham roll, fresh berries, thinly sliced fennel bulb, lemon zest and lemon juice, tossed gently and served drizzled with a creamy pomegranate dressing.



Packing heat! This week’s #JustDelicious recipes are filled with fiery flavour that’ll get everyone hot under the collar! 


Ham and Grilled Cheese Toastie with a Chilli and Beer Sauce

Slices of crusty sourdough bread are brushed with melted butter, stacked with multiple layers of #JustDelicious double smoked ham and a mixture of thyme, cream cheese, mozzarella, cheddar and Gorgonzola, pan-fried until golden brown on both sides and served with a spicy beer and cream dipping sauce!


Tomato Braised Mini Eisbein on Garlic Polenta with Tender Stem Veg

#JustDelicious Mini Eisbein is cooked low and slow for 3 hours in a rich, flavourful tomato, rosemary and red wine sauce until completely tender then served on a bed of creamy garlic polenta alongside crunchy, spicy tenderstem broccoli.


Chilli Pork Chops & Chips

#JustDelicious Pork Chops are marinated in a spicy paste made of chilli, olive oil, garlic, thyme, salt and pepper, and fried on both sides until tender and golden, then served alongside crispy sweet and spicy potatoes and drizzled with a gravy of pan juices and lemon juice!


Russian Rolls with Chilli & Carrot Pickle

A soft hot dog roll is sliced open, spread with creamy tahini mayo and filled with a #JustDelicious fried footlong russian, then topped with a hot, crunchy chilli and carrot pickle and served with spicy pickle syrup and tahini mayo for dipping!



Take breakfast from boring to booming with this week’s #JustDelicious early riser recipes!

Fluffy Omelettes with Minced Bacon & Sundried Tomato Yoghurt Dressing

A starchy egg batter, fried in hot oil to create a #JustDelicious light and fluffy omelette that’s topped with crispy minced bacon, drizzled with a creamy sundried tomato yoghurt dressing and garnished with fresh, peppery rocket.


Breakfast Broth with Poached Eggs & Pulled Pork

Water, red wine vinegar, sundried tomatoes and roasted jam tomatoes, boiled together, then strained to form a flavourful broth, garnished with fresh basil and chives, and topped with a poached egg, #JustDelicious pulled pork and toasted mixed seeds.


Grilled Cheese Baguette with Wild Mushroom Scrambled Eggs & Roasted Pork Belly

Crisp baguette sliced open, brushed with olive oil and covered with emmental and mozzarella then grilled in the oven until golden and melted, and topped with slices of roasted pork belly, wild mushroom scrambled eggs with thyme and ginger, and garnished with fresh micro herbs.


Apple & Rosemary Pork Muffins with Pecan Crumble Topping

#JustDelicious muffin batter filled with cubes of smoked pork neck steaks, grated apple and fresh rosemary is spooned into muffin pans, topped with crunchy pecan nut crumble and baked to perfection then served dusted with icing sugar.



This week, we’re serving #JustDelicious meals that will have the family wrapped around your little finger!


Corn Scrambled Eggs with Cheese Grillers & Toasted Cheese Wraps

#JustDelicious Cheese Grillers are fried to golden brown perfection and served alongside toasted cheese wraps topped with corn scrambled eggs and seasoned slices of creamy avo!


Spicy Rib Burger Quesadillas with Guacamole & Salsa

Strips of #JustDelicious Rib Burgers, garlic, green chilli, feta, white cheddar and red onion are layered between two wraps, toasted on both sides until golden and crisp, and served with fresh guacamole and smoky salsa.


Zesty Dinner Wraps with Za’atar Frikkadel Soup

#JustDelicious Mini Frikkadels are fried with onions, garlic, sage and za’atar spice then cooked in a vegetable broth, garnished with fresh spinach and served with zesty, golden butter-toasted wraps.


Buttery Pork Curry with Indian Flatbread 

#JustDelicious Pork Neck Steaks are fried with onions, garlic and ginger in masala, cooked in a rich, buttery tomato gravy and served garnished with a dollop of yoghurt and a warm Indian flatbread of your choice.

Happy Women’s Day! We’re celebrating with mouthwatering platters filled with a selection of divine dishes that show our appreciation for the women who make our lives #JustDelicious!

Brunch Platter

This #JustDelicious Brunch Platter offers an oven-baked, golden brown Cherry Tomato Galette with savoury Pork Sausages, Sticky Fried Grapes in a red wine vinegar reduction and a spicy Basil & Chill Hummus add a bit of a kick!

Mezze Platter

A mouthwatering selection of Mediterrean-inspired dishes including Saucy Tomato Mini Frikkadels, pan-fried Dolmades, Deep-Fried Mozzarella, grilled Marinated Aubergines, smooth Sweet Potato Skordalia and pan-toasted Pita Bread make up our #JustDelicious Mezze Platter!

Platter for Two

Our #JustDelicious Platter for Two features a succulent pan-roasted Pork Fillet with Herb & Butter Dip, chunks of crusty Ciabatta bread, sweet Onion & Date Marmalade and a selection of cheeses and seasonal berries.

Sundowner Platter

Our #JustDelicious Sundowner Platter includes Braaied Marinated Pork Ribs and Honey Glazed Rashers, rustic Ash Bread prepared between the coals, deep-fried Crispy Potatoes and a spicy, herby Chermoula Dip to tie it all together!



Week 3 of our winter warmers are filled with rich, starch-based #JustDelicious dishes that’ll heat you up while you chill out!

Creamy Herb Polenta with Crispy Bacon, Cherry Tomatoes & Fried Eggs

Creamy cooked polenta is combined with milk, cheddar cheese, parsley and chives, then served topped with pan-fried cherry tomatoes, fried eggs and #JustDelicious cubes of bacon braai stukkies!

Sweet Vanilla Porridge with Streaky Bacon & Caramelised Bananas 

Maize meal is boiled in water with butter, vanilla essence and salt until cooked, then combined with mashed banana and castor sugar to create a sweet vanilla porridge that’s served with butter, caramelised banana slices and rashers of #JustDelicious oven-baked streaky bacon!

Ham & Wild Mushroom Baked Potatoes

Boiled potatoes are halved, topped with thin slices of #JustDelicious mini picnic ham, mushrooms fried with garlic, thyme and whisky, and grated Royal Ashton cheese, then oven-baked to perfection and served.

Crispy BBQ Rashers with Spicy Gorgonzola & Lemon Wild Rice 

Cooked brown and wild rice is added to a mixture of milk, gorgonzola cheese and red onions seasoned with aromatic ras el hanout spice, and cooked until the rice absorbs the fragrant liquid, then served with #JustDelicious crispy BBQ rashers and garnished with parsley, lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice.



Warm the cockles of your family’s hearts with #JustDelicious recipes from week 2 of our winter warmers!


Creamy Chorizo & Bacon Penne with Olives & Caper Berries

#JustDelicious bacon and smoky chorizo sausage are fried with onion, thyme and garlic then combined with tomato puree, tomato paste, vegetable stock and cream to create a rich sauce that’s mixed with al dente penne pasta and served garnished with caper berries, kalamata olives and parmesan cheese.


Spicy Eisbein Curry with Thai Black Rice

#JustDelicious mini eisbeins are cooked, shredded and added to an aromatic, creamy curry sauce made with plain yoghurt, vegetable stock, onions, lemongrass, garlic, chilli, cashew nuts and dessicated coconut, then served on a bed of Thai black rice and garnished with fresh baby spinach leaves.


Fennel & Green Bean Soup with Mediterranean Pork Sausages 

#JustDelicious Mediterranean pork sausages are removed from their casings and cooked in a large pot with vegetable stock, cream, white wine, green beans, chopped onion, spring onions and fresh thyme to create a rich, creamy soup served seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with pan-fried fennel.


Harissa & Brie Breakfast Mash with Mini Cheese Grillers & Poached Eggs 

Boiled potatoes are mashed and combined with butter, cream and harissa spice to create a spicy, silky mash that’s topped with #JustDelicious fried cheese grillers, poached eggs and a slice of creamy brie, and served garnished with parsley, chives, lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice.



Melanzane alla Parmigiana with Gammon Steak

Cream cheese is sandwiched between slices of aubergine, placed in an oven dish, topped with #JustDelicious strips of gammon steak, homemade garlic and sage tomato sauce, and grated parmesan cheese, then oven-baked to perfection and served garnished with fresh basil and a dollop of cream cheese.


Thai Pork Fillet Green Curry with Vermicelli Noodles

#JustDelicious pork fillet slices are cooked in a fragrant green curry sauce made of red onion, coconut cream, coconut flakes, ginger and green curry paste then served on a bed of vermicelli noodles and garnished with fresh baby spinach and micro basil.


Pork Sausages with Crispy Duck Fat Baby Potatoes & Creamy Red Pepper Sauce

Baby potatoes are fried in rich, silky duck fat until golden and crispy, then served with oven-roasted pork sausages and topped with a creamy red pepper sauce made of cream, garlic and charred peppers.


Bacon, Cheese & Cauliflower Muffins

#JustDelicious crispy fried bacon is mixed into a smooth muffin batter filled with cheese, chives and cauliflower then baked until golden and served with creamy butter and fresh basil pesto.



Filled with layers of mouthwatering flavour, our #JustDelicious pork and onion recipes will have you crying tears of joy with every tasty bite!


Pork & Leek Tarte Tatin with Feta & Sundried Tomato Cream

#JustDelicious rashers are cooked in a pan with leeks, butter, thyme, vegetable stock, sugar and lemon zest, covered with puff pastry and oven-baked to golden-brown perfection, then flipped over onto a plate, topped with whipped feta and sundried tomato cream and served garnished with micro herbs.


Cheesy Russian & Spicy Caramelised Onion Toasted Panini 

Sliced paninis are topped with #JustDelicious cheese Russians, a spicy and sweet caramelised onion and chilli mixture, and grated mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, then oven-grilled until the paninis are crisp and cheese is melted. Serve topped with micro herbs and a wedge of lemon.


Spiced Pork and Onion Pies

#JustDelicious prego steak, red onion, leeks, figs and chilli are finely minced, combined with herbs and spices, then spooned into a shortcrust pastry casing and baked until golden-brown.


Chicken & Onion Focaccia with Balsamic Cream Cheese

Fresh dough is rolled out and topped with #JustDelicious chicken braai burgers, shallots and olives then baked until golden and served with balsamic cream cheese.



Bacon is our love language, so we’ve filled week three of our #BestLovedBacon competition with beautiful recipes that are not only #JustDelicious but bring care and comfort in the way that only bacon can! Visit to vote for your favourite and bring home the bacon!


Bacon Coffee with Whipped Cream & Dark Chocolate

#JustDelicious minced bacon is fried until crispy, processed into a coarse powder and combined with coffee grounds and vanilla essence, then steeped in hot water to create a flavourful, robust bacon coffee, served topped with sweetened whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings.


Bacon & Brie Risotto

Risotto rice is fried with #JustDelicious streaky bacon, onions, leeks, garlic, herbs and spices, cooked in a rich vegetable stock until al dente and finished with grated Parmesan cheese and brandy. Serve garnished with micro greens and a slice of Brie cheese.


Treacle & Chilli Cured Bacon with Dark Chocolate Ice Cream & Cinnamon Tuile

#JustDelicious streaky bacon is cured in a mixture of gin, sugar, salt and chilli then plated with delicate, crisp cinnamon tuile wafers and a generous scoop of dark chocolate ice cream rested on a bed of black sesame seeds. Served garnished with edible flowers.


Bacon Melkkos with Rooibos Poached Pears

Flour, salt and butter are rubbed together, combined with #JustDelicious crispy bacon, added to a pot of steaming vanilla-flavoured milk, and cooked until thick and creamy before being ladled into bowls, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and topped with pears poached in an aromatic

rooibos and rosemary tea.


Caramelised Bacon & White Chocolate Bark with Gold Leaf & Roasted Tomato Skins

Melted white chocolate is combined with glucose syrup, poured into a baking sheet and topped with #JustDelicious caramelised bacon, roasted tomato skins and Himalayan pink salt, then allowed to set before being broken into shards and served topped with edible gold leaf.



What’s shakin’, bacon? It’s week two of our #BestLovedBacon competition and we’re back with more #JustDelicious bacon recipes to cure your cravings! Head over to to vote for your favourite and bring home the bacon!


Bacon and Caramel Ice Cream

Homemade vanilla ice cream is swirled with sticky sweet caramel and crispy bacon, frozen overnight, then scooped into sugar cones and served drizzled with melted dark chocolate, white chocolate and caramel.


Toasted Bacon & Egg Wraps with Masala Cherry Tomatoes

Butter-toasted wraps are spread with yoghurt, topped with a fried egg, #JustDelicious crispy bacon and spicy masala cherry tomatoes, then garnished with parsley and coriander. Serve open or folded.


The Mega Bacon, Cheese & Mushroom Gourmet Burger

Toasted buns are spread with zesty lemon mayonnaise and layered with wild rocket, a large handmade #JustDelicious bacon and beef patty, a gorgonzola-topped giant mushroom, more zesty mayo and a wheel of oven-baked brie cheese, and served with crunchy veggie crisps.


Bacon & Ginger Mille-Feuille with White Chocolate Truffles

Sheets of puff pastry are spread with #JustDelicious bacon, baked until crisp and sliced into fingers then filled with ginger-infused mascarpone mousse and served decorated with a white chocolate truffles, candied ginger and edible flowers.


Eggs Benedict with Bacon & Sage

English muffins are toasted until golden-brown, buttered and layered with bacon and sage, poached eggs and generous spoonfuls of creamy hollandaise sauce then served garnished with fresh herbs.



Bacon is life and don’t we know it! We’re celebrating being South Africa’s #BestLovedBacon with three weeks of #JustDelicious bacon-centric recipes and R120 000 in prizes to be won! Go to and bring home the bacon!


Bacon, Wild Mushroom Soup with Caramelised Leeks
#JustDelicious streaky bacon, onions, wild mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, garlic and herbs are fried, cooked in whisky then added to a milky vegetable stock to create a rich and earthy flavour-packed soup. Serve topped with caramelised leeks alongside toasted flatbread.


Crispy Potato Skins with Bacon & Cheese Sauce and Spring Onion Salsa
Potato skins are fried until golden brown and crispy, seasoned with salt and pepper, and smothered in a rich, creamy sauce made with #JustDelicious bacon, cheese, leeks, red onion, thyme and garlic. Serve topped with a zesty spring onion salsa!


Bacon & Beer Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Mascarpone Cream & Dark Chocolate Ganache
A #JustDelicious bacon, beer and chocolate batter is baked into a rich, moist cake that’s covered with a thick, smooth vanilla mascarpone cream and drowned in silky, dark chocolate ganache.


Spicy Bacon Soup with Three Cheese Jaffles
#JustDelicious bacon is cooked with onions, garlic, thyme, chilli, tomatoes, cream and vegetable stock to create a wonderfully creamy spicy bacon soup served alongside a butter-toasted jaffle filled with spring onion, cream cheese, yellow and white cheddar.


Bacon Cinnamon Buns with Cream Cheese & Vanilla Glaze
Homemade dough is rolled out, spread with a #JustDelicious sweet bacon and cinnamon butter, cut into thick buns and baked to golden-brown perfection then topped with cream cheese glaze and garnished with crispy bacon.



Rice to the occasion! This week, we’ve adapted one of the world’s most legendary dishes and created #JustDelicious recipes to give your cooking an inspired Italian flair! 


Bacon & Poppy Seed Rice Pudding with Condensed Milk Whipped Cream 

Risotto rice is fried in butter with #JustDelicious minced bacon and cooked in a mixture of water, milk, cream and vanilla until al dente. Activated charcoal, poppy seeds, castor sugar and salt are added to give flavour and a rich, black colour. Serve topped with condensed milk whipped cream.


Herb Pesto & Pork Steak Risotto

Risotto rice is fried with #JustDelicious Pork Neck Steaks, cooked in vegetable stock until al dente then combined with a fresh herb pesto, butter and Grana Padano cheese. Serve topped with grated Grana Padano.


Roasted Pumpkin, Lemon & Jalapeno Risotto with Smoked Eisbein

Risotto rice is fried with thyme, garlic, rosemary and onions, then cooked in vegetable stock until al dente. Jalapenos and roasted pumpkin are added followed by #JustDelicious strips of smoked eisbein just before serving. Serve garnished with lemon zest and fresh herbs. 


Breakfast Risotto with Smoked Russians & Fried Eggs

Risotto rice is fried in olive oil and butter with leeks, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and slices of #JustDelicious Smoked Russians, then cooked in an aromatic vegetable stock until each grain is swelling with rich flavour. Serve topped with a fried egg and a handful of fresh spinach.



When your meal ideas go pear-shaped, this dynamic pork and pear duo will bring a taste of salty, sweet inspiration!



Pork, Pear and Pecan Nut Blondies

A creamy vanilla batter filled with #JustDelicious smoked pork neck cubes, pecan nuts, grated pears and white chocolate chips is baked until golden brown, dusted with icing sugar and sprinkled with coarse salt. Serve warm with a scoop of your favourite ice cream.


Roasted Red Pepper and Pear Soup with Kassler Chops

Roasted red peppers, red onion, rosemary, garlic, leeks and pears are cooked in a liquid base of vegetable stock and milk, then blended to form a smooth, #JustDelicious soup. Serve topped with slices of kassler chops and fresh baby spinach, drizzled with lemon juice and garnished with lemon zest.

Pear and Cumin Breakfast Toast with Eggs and Cheese Grillers

Freshly baked pear and cumin loaf is topped with a mixture of goat’s milk cheese, mozzarella and black pepper, then toasted in the oven until melted and golden. Served with fried eggs and #JustDelicious cheese grillers.


Ham, Pear and Goat’s Milk Cheese Tartlets

Puff pastry moulds are filled with a #JustDelicious sautéed mixture of shredded ham, onion, spring onions and pears, followed by a creamy parmesan, feta and egg batter, then baked in oven until golden brown and crisp. Serve topped with wheels of goat’s milk cheese, shavings of pecorino and micro-greens.



Nutritious and endlessly versatile, these flavourful sweet potatoes and our #JustDelicious pork are a mash made in heaven!


Sweet Potato Flapjacks with BBQ Pork Rashers and Whipped Honey Butter

Mashed sweet potatoes are whisked into a light, creamy batter, spooned into a hot pan and fried until golden brown on both sides, then topped with whipped honey butter and #JustDelicious oven-baked BBQ pork rashers!


Ginger, Chilli and Sweet Potato Soup with Smokey Pulled Pork

Garlic, chilli, red onions, ginger and sweet potato are fried in coconut oil, added to a liquid base of vegetable stock and coconut cream, cooked until the flavours develop and blended into a smooth, creamy soup. Serve topped with smokey pulled pork, pak choi and spring onions.


Mussel and Beer Pork Fillet with Homemade Sweet Potato Bread

A #JustDelicious pork fillet is seasoned with salt and pepper, then cooked in a buttery, creamy beer-based sauce filled with half shell mussels, onions, sage and garlic. Serve with freshly baked sweet potato bread.


Crispy Pork Belly with Pickled Sweet Potato and Chilli

#JustDelicious Pork Belly is rubbed with coarse salt and slowly baked for two hours until the crackling is crisp and the meat is tender and juicy. Slice and serve alongside homemade pickled sweet potato and chilli.



Our homemade tomato sauce is a hearty, nutritious and versatile flavour base with endless possibilities, so this week we’re giving you even more meal options for the family!


Hearty Tomato and Pork Fillet Pasta

Cubed aubergine and #JustDelicious pork fillet are fried in olive oil until golden, combined with hearty tomato sauce, al dente pasta and grated Grana Padano, then served garnished with fresh basil, lemon juice and lemon zest.


Oven-Baked Cheesy Russian Roll with Chilli Con Carne

A #JustDelicious cheese russian is placed in a hot dog bun, topped with spicy chilli con carne and grated mozzarella cheese, and oven-baked until the cheese is melted and golden brown. Serve garnished with chopped spring onion.  


Baked Tomato Pork Chops with Crispy Garlic & Sage Baby Potatoes

#JustDelicious Pork Chops are slathered in hearty tomato sauce and plain yoghurt, then oven-baked until golden and juicy, and served with crispy garlic and sage baby potatoes.


Pan-Toasted Ham, Cheese and Tomato Sarmie

Slices of buttered bread are filled with cream cheese, hearty tomato sauce, swiss cheese, #JustDelicious ham and fresh baby spinach, then toasted in a hot pan until golden and crispy, and served with extra hearty tomato sauce as a dip.



Hearty, nutritious and versatile, this homemade tomato sauce guarantees a variety of #JustDelicious meal options for the family!


Hearty Tomato Sauce

Ripe tomatoes are sliced, seasoned, oven-roasted and then cooked in a large pot with tomato paste, tomato puree, onions, carrots, celery, thyme, garlic, vegetable stock and dry red wine to create a versatile and #JustDelicious hearty tomato sauce.


Saucy Bean Breakfast with Poached Eggs & Mini Viennas

#JustDelicious Mini Viennas are fried in olive oil with butter beans and hearty tomato sauce, then topped with white cheddar cheese and oven-baked until melted and golden. Serve topped with baby spinach and rocket alongside poached eggs and crisp, toasted ciabatta slices.  


Creamy Spinach and Frikkadel Calzones

Shortcrust pastry is filled with a #JustDelicious mixture of Mini Frikkadels cooked with leeks and spinach in a creamy tomato sauce, then baked until crisp and golden-brown.


Creamy Tomato & Pork Neck Soup with Grilled Cheese Baguette

#JustDelicious Pork Neck is fried with leeks and chilli, then combined with hearty tomato sauce and cream to create a rich, flavourful soup, served with slices of grilled cheese baguette and garnished with fresh herbs and lemon. 


Thick-Crust Smokey Ham & Mushroom Pizza

Fresh dough is rolled out on a flour-dusted surface, covered with hearty tomato sauce and topped with #JustDelicious double smoked ham, brown mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and fresh oregano leaves, then oven-baked until the crust is light brown and the cheese has melted. Serve topped with fresh oregano.


Seeded Omelette with Ham, Cheese and Spinach 

Beaten egg is fried together with leeks and mixed seeds, folded around a #JustDelicious filling of sliced ham, white cheddar cheese and spinach, and garnished with fresh microgreens.


Spicy Tomato and Chilli Couscous with Pork Neck Steak Strips

Soft, fluffy couscous is combined with a pan-fried mixture of cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic, leeks and garam masala, then topped with seasoned pork neck steak strips and drizzled with tangy amasi.


Cheesy Garlic Maize Pap with Zesty Rashers and Crispy Onions

Maize meal is boiled in water with butter, garlic and black pepper, then combined with cheddar cheese and topped with golden, zesty rashers and crispy onions.


Open Chicken Braai Burger Sarmie with Roasted Red Pepper and Cottage Cheese

Slices of low GI bread are generously spread with cottage cheese, topped with roasted red pepper and a #JustDelicious Chicken Braai Burger. Serve garnished with fresh basil and chopped chives, and drizzled with olive oil.


Creamy Lemon and Herb Tagliatelle with Crispy Bacon

Al dente tagliatelle is smothered in a rich, zesty sauce made of fresh cream, red onion, sage, thyme, basil, lemon and #JustDelicious crispy bacon.


Mediterranean Pork Sausages with Smashed Sweet Potato and Red Wine Poached Onions

#JustDelicious Mediterranean Pork Sausages and sweet potatoes are covered in olive oil and butter, roasted in the oven and served with onions poached in red wine and vegetable stock.


Black Pepper Kassler Chops with Roasted Vegetables and Red Pepper Tzatziki

#JustDelicious smokey kassler chops are covered with black pepper, then oven-roasted with aubergines, carrots and beetroot, and served with a creamy red pepper tzatziki.


Mini Frikkadels in Garlic and Chilli Spinach with Creamy Samp 

Fresh spinach and #JustDelicious Mini Frikkadels are fried in garlic and chilli, then served on rich, creamy samp cooked in butter and ideal milk. 


Braaied Bay Leaf and Sage Pork Chops with Chargrilled Four-Cheese Pitas

#JustDelicious Pork Chops are rubbed with a sage, bay leaf and lemon marinade, seasoned with salt and pepper, and braaied over hot coals until deliciously tender and cooked. Serve alongside chargrilled pita breads stuffed with four cheeses, and a fresh salad.


Peanut Butter Oats with Crispy Bacon, Gooseberry Jam and Toasted Coconut

Rolled oats are cooked, combined with creamy milk, butter and peanut butter then topped with #JustDelicious Crispy Bacon, Toasted Coconut and Seed Mix, and a spoonful of sweet gooseberry jam. Serve with fresh cream poured over the oats and a handful of fresh gooseberries. 


Smoked Pork Neck Fettuccine Carbonara

Al dente fettuccine is mixed with cubes of #JustDelicious smoked pork neck steaks fried in garlic and olive oil, then coated in a egg, parmesan cheese and black pepper mixture and tossed together to create a creamy carbonara. Serve topped with grated parmesan and black pepper to taste.


Gnocchi with Smoked Russians and Marinated Tomatoes 

#JustDelicious smoked russians are pan-fried with chopped garlic, tomatoes, sugar, red wine vinegar, lemon juice and fresh herbs, and served on a bed of plump, pillowy gnocchi. Serve topped with a fresh herbs.


Mini Lemon Cheesecakes with Bacon Crumble Crust

#JustDelicious bacon is fried until crispy, chopped up and combined with crushed digestive biscuits, melted butter and ground ginger to create a crumbly cheesecake crust, then topped with a smooth, zesty lemon cream cheese batter and baked to perfection. Serve topped with your choice of vanilla yoghurt, lemon curd or caramel.


A Trio of Tasty Ham Sarmies

On open slices of fresh ciabatta loaf, our Chopped Ham Roll is served in three #JustDelicious flavour combinations: avocado, ham and cucumber with lemon dressing, ham pomodoro with basil pesto marinated tomatoes and crumbly feta, and spicy ham and cream cheese with raw red onion rings.

Marinated Loin Ribs with Crisp Green Salad and Crunchy Pumpkin Chips

Our #JustDelicious Marinated Loin Ribs are oven-baked until juicy and tender, then served alongside deep-fried, sage-flavoured pumpkin chips and a crisp, green salad made with zesty marinated marrows, baby spinach, fresh basil and wild rocket.

Tempura Chilli Cheese Hot Dog with Fresh Greens and Chimichurri Sauce

#JustDelicious Gourmet American Chilli Cheese Hot Dogs are coated in flour, dipped in batter and deep-fried until crispy, and served alongside fresh french beans and tenderstem broccoli. Serve with chimichurri sauce on the side or drizzled over the meal.

From picky eaters to food lovers! This week, our chef created #JustDelicious delights for the kids that’ll go down a treat!


Crazy Bacon and Chocolate Cookies

Chopped dark chocolate and #JustDelicious bacon is mixed into a sweet cookie dough, rolled into icing sugar and baked to perfection. Serve with a glass of creamy milk.

Super Rib Burger Sliders

Butter-toasted slider bun bases are topped with #JustDelicious Rib Burger patties, caramelised tomatoes and onions, and a generous helping of cheddar cheese, then popped in the oven until the cheese has melted. Serve dressed with a dollop of creamy mayo and closed with the bun tops.

Dynamite Mini Ham and Cheese Donuts

#JustDelicious smokey ham and cheddar cheese cubes are kneaded into bread dough, cut into round donuts and deep-fried until golden brown, then topped with crushed potato chips. Serve with your choice of butter, grated cheese or jam.

Magic No-Mac and Cheese

A #JustDelicious homemade white sauce is combined with smoked vienna coins, leeks, chopped cauliflower and white cheddar cheese, spooned into ramekins, then topped with grated cheese and panko breadcrumbs before being baked to golden brown perfection. Serve with veggie chips or low GI toast.

Pulled pork and sundried tomato cookies

Sundried tomatoes and #JustDelicious Smoked Pulled Pork are added to sweet cookie dough, moulded into rounds, then oven-baked until crisp and golden brown.

Crispy Fried Bacon Snack

#JustDelicious Streaky Bacon Rashers are coated with spiced flour and breadcrumbs then deep-fried until crisp and golden brown. Serve with a maple and mustard dipping sauce.


Mini Vienna and Marmite Spaghetti

Al dente spaghetti is combined with #JustDelicious Mini Viennas and coated in a rich, cream-based marmite and cheese sauce, and served with fresh greens.

Snack Trail Mix

Nuts, seeds and dried fruit are combined with crunchy pieces of our Honey Glazed Rashers, covered in a buttery-sweet glaze, oven-baked to develop all the #JustDelicious flavours and then broken apart to create a mouthwatering trail mix.

Prego Steak & Watermelon Salad

A bed of fresh baby spinach is topped with pan-seared watermelon cubes and thick strips of our #JustDelicious Prego Steaks, then drizzled with a creamy basil pesto yoghurt dressing and seasoned with freshly ground salt and pepper.

Zesty Spinach & Bacon Salad

Shredded spinach, #JustDelicious crispy fried bacon cutts and sautéed leeks are mixed with egg yolks and lemon flavoured olive oil to create a crunchy, zesty salad.

Potato & Polony Rosti

Potatoes and French Polony are grated, seasoned and combined to form a #JustDelicious rosti mixture, which is flattened into discs and pan-fried until golden brown. Each rosti is served with a generous spoonful of zesty whipped feta and a topping of your choice.

Harissa Spiced Chickpea and Pork Rasher Salad

A crisp layer of mixed lettuce is topped with sliced peaches, harissa-spiced chickpeas and shavings of mature white cheese followed by smokey, bite-sized cubes of our #JustDelicious BBQ Pork Rashers.

When the weekend rolls around, there’s nothing better than relaxing and enjoying a #JustDelicious leisurely lunch with family and friends!

Butter & Tequila Pork Fillet 

A #JustDelicious Pork Fillet is seasoned with salt and pepper, and fried in olive oil, creamy butter and tequila, then sliced into medallions. Cooked brown rice is fried with paprika, ginger, garlic and cayenne pepper, then steamed with tenderstem broccoli. Serve with deep-fried wild mushrooms and garnish with beet and onion sprouts.

Ham & Hummus Green Salad

Roasted green peppers are blended with chickpeas, spring onion, garlic, lemon and olive oil to form a smooth hummus, which is generously spread across a large plate, then topped with a mixture of marinated peas, green beans and ribbons of baby marrow. #JustDelicious slices of double smoked ham are added on top, followed by peppery watercress.


Coleslaw with Bacon & Creamy Berry Dressing

Sour cream, red wine vinegar and berry jam are combined in a bowl to create a sweet, tangy dressing.  Shredded cabbage is added and mixed in until all of it is evenly coated. Add a portion to a plate then top with #JustDelicious crispy back bacon and toasted cashew nuts. Serve with thinly sliced Granny Smith apples and garnish with toasted nigella and poppy seeds.

Couscous Chicken Salad 

Cooked couscous is combined with fried onions, caraway seeds, cumin, salt and pepper, topped with slices of #JustDelicious Chicken Polony and a mixture of rainbow tomatoes marinated in a zesty herb dressing. Garnish with basil and serve.

Dukkah Spiced Frikkadels

Homemade, golden-brown Amasi flatbreads spread with spicy green chilli and red onion coleslaw in a zesty cream cheese dressing then topped with #JustDelicious dukkah-spiced mini frikkadels. Season with salt and pepper and garnish with fresh coriander.

Deep-fried Banana & Bacon

Double thick Greek yoghurt combined with golden syrup and finely chopped red chilli, then topped with deep-fried banana slices and #JustDelicious crispy bacon and garnished with toasted coconut shavings and a dollop of gooseberry jam.

Gin & Garlic Pork Burger

Fresh burger buns, buttered and toasted. Top the base with fresh lettuce and a rosemary and sage sauteed onion and butternut mixture, followed by thin slices of #JustDelicious butter-fried pork neck layered with a rich, creamy gin and garlic sauce between each slice. Add the top of the toasted bun and serve.

Mexican Grilled Sub

A crispy baguette sliced open across the top, filled with pan-fried, smoked American Gourmet Hot Dogs and topped with a #JustDelicious mixture of chopped chives, grated cheddar, biltong powder, mustard and breadcrumbs, then oven-baked until the cheese melts. Garnish with wild rocket and serve with a spicy chilli and corn dip.

Making a #JustDelicious dinner doesn’t have to take much time or effort! This week, our chef created quick and easy dinners that offer double the flavour in half the time!

Pork Neck Steak & Aubergine Salad

#JustDelicious pork neck steaks are seasoned, pan-fried and added to a bowl of oven-baked aubergine slices, julienned celery stalks and fresh parsley leaves, then coated with a spicy coconut cream sauce and served with butter-fried crusty bread slices.

Bacon & Anchovy Toast

Crispy fried bacon and anchovy fillets are added to a food processor with seasonings and olive oil, and blended until a #JustDelicious smooth paste forms. The flavourful bacon and anchovy paste is spread onto toasted slices of rye bread and served topped with tomato scrambled eggs.

Cheese Griller & Fennel Salad

Fresh baby spinach, mint leaves and cucumber ribbons are added to a large bowl and dressed with olive oil and lime juice, then topped with #JustDelicious pan-fried cheese grillers and thinly sliced fennel bulbs. Serve drizzled with a creamy cumin and chilli mayo.

Jalapeño Mayo Hot Dog

Fresh hot dog buns are sliced and butter-toasted, filled with peppery rocket leaves then topped with a #JustDelicious Smoked Vienna followed by layers of thinly sliced red onion and deep-fried grated sweet potato. Serve dressed with spicy jalapeno mayo.


Whether you’ve been sweet on someone for years or only recently revealed your deepest fillings, our #JustDelicious Valentine’s Week meals will prove that your love is mint to be!

Mince & Thyme Ravioli

Filled with a #JustDelicious zesty mixture of pork mince, thyme and cheese, our handmade ravioli is boiled until al dente, drizzled with olive oil and served in a rich, creamy onion and vanilla sauce.

Dutch Baby Pancake

A smooth, sweet batter is oven-baked until golden brown and puffy in the centre, then filled with #JustDelicious crispy bacon bits, cinnamon-spiced apples and apricots, and dollops of whipped cream. Serve topped with fresh berries and dust generously with icing sugar.

Ham, Pear and Gorgonzola Quiche

Beautifully flaky puff pastry is filled with #JustDelicious cubed ham, strips of dried pears and a combination of grated gorgonzola and gouda cheeses, covered with a silky mixture of eggs and cream and oven-baked until completely set. Serve with pan-fried broccoli covered with a smokey bacon mayonnaise dressing.

White Chocolate Pork Fillet

A #JustDelicious Pork Fillet is sliced into medallions, seasoned, drizzled with olive oil and pan fried until golden brown, topped with a spicy white chocolate sauce and served with thin, crispy butter-basted potato slices alongside flash-fried garlic baby spinach leaves. Garnish with micro herbs.

With a little help from the Eskort kitchen, you can show off your culinary creativity and entertain your friends with well-presented, #JustDelicious meals that’ll keep your cooking skills on everyone’s lips!

Craft Beer Eisbein with Wild Mushrooms

A slice of sourdough bread topped with butter-fried wild mushrooms, #JustDelicious shredded eisbein in a mouthwatering craft beer sauce and finished with a dollop of sour cream. Garnish with spring onion and chives to serve.

Berbere Spiced Pork Goulash

#JustDelicious Pork Goulash seasoned with fiery berbere spice, fresh thyme and lemon juice, then fried until cooked. Tender lentils are spooned over spinach leaves, topped with the soft pieces of spicy goulash and drizzled with a sweet, ginger-infused inkomazi.

Dagwood Special

Thick-cut slices of fresh white bread spread with tangy mayonnaise, layered with baby spinach, slices of garlic polony, pan-fried smoked viennas, crispy golden potatoes, a fried egg and cheese slices to create a #JustDelicious Dagwood. Serve topped with mango atchar and BBQ mayonnaise.


Cauliflower Steaks with Cheese Dip & Crispy Bacon

Cauliflower sliced into steaks, seasoned and drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice and zest, then oven-baked until golden brown and tender. Each steak is covered with a #JustDelicious chilli and garlic cheese sauce, topped with crispy BBQ bacon rashers and garnished with fresh basil and chives.

Spicy Harissa Pork Loin with Quinoa Salad

A #JustDelicious pork loin is cut into four large steaks, rubbed with a fiery, homemade harissa paste and pan-fried until cooked, then covered with cream and left to simmer to create a rich, creamy gravy. Serve alongside a zesty quinoa salad with fresh mint, cucumber and red onions, drizzled with a generous helping of the delicious gravy!

Coconut and Garlic Pork Chops

#JustDelicious Pork Chops are pan-fried in olive oil with garlic until cooked, then covered with coconut cream and left to reduce into a tasty gravy. Serve alongside sweet roasted carrots on double thick Greek yoghurt, homemade sweet seed brittle and steamed couscous topped with coconut and garlic gravy.

Peppadew® Pork Kofta with Beetroot Hummus

#JustDelicious Peppadew and Feta Sausages are decased and wrapped around a skewer, drizzled with olive oil and then pan-fried until golden brown. Serve on top of homemade zesty beetroot hummus and garnish with fresh, herby rainbow tomato salsa.

Pork Belly Focaccia

Rolled out bread dough is drizzled with olive oil and coarse salt, then topped with creamy, nutty asiago cheese, artichokes, kalamata olives and #JustDelicious shredded pork belly then oven-baked until golden brown. Serve garnished with fresh, peppery wild rocket leaves.

Simple yet scrumptious and satisfying, our selection of #JustDelicious sarmies will liven up your lunchbox!

Low GI Ham, Berry, Cherry Tomato and Cheese Toasties

Thick slices of freshly baked oat, seed and nut bread, spread with creamy butter, then topped with a scrumptious tomato and cherry jam, followed by grated parmesan and cheddar cheeses and #JustDelicious slices of smokey ham.

Bacon, Banana and Brie with Whisky and Cumin Onion Marmalade

#JustDelicious rashers of crispy back bacon and slices of creamy brie, layered on top of a slice of banana bread, topped with a sweet, sticky onion marmalade and covered with another slice, then pan-toasted in butter until golden brown. Serve with fresh rocket and an extra serving of marmalade.

Hot Dog & Roasted Green Tomato Open Sarmie

Crusty slices of ciabatta loaf, drizzled with olive oil, topped with #JustDelicious smoked gourmet chilli cheese hot dogs, grated mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, and chopped garlic, then oven-baked until golden brown. Each open slice is served topped with roasted tomatoes and fresh basil.

Prego Steak Bagel with Butternut Pickle and Deep-Fried Red Onions

Butter-toasted bagels are sliced open, spread with a generous amount of mustard seed mayonnaise then topped with #JustDelicious pan-fried prego steaks, a sweet, tangy butternut pickle, a helping of crispy, deep-fried red onions and garnished with fresh rocket.

After a freewheeling festive season, #Januworry has many of us tightening the purse strings! Luckily, our resourceful chef was able to whip up some #JustDelicious meals for when you’re low on dough!

Polony Stuffed Butternut with Spicy Mayo Dressing

A #JustDelicious mixture of polony, cottage cheese, cheddar and garlic is sandwiched between oven-baked butternut squares, coated with egg and breadcrumbs then deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. Served with a creamy, sweet chilli mayo dipping sauce.

Eskort Pork Sausages and Baby Potato One Pan Party

#JustDelicious Jalapeno Pork Sausages mixed with halved baby potatoes, quartered peaches and chopped leeks in a deep ovenproof pan, covered with a tangy wholegrain mustard and olive oil dressing and roasted until perfectly cooked. Serve hot with fresh salad greens.

Eskort Frikkadels, Aubergine and Roasted Pepper Penne Pasta

Our Mini Frikkadels pan-fried in olive oil together with onion, garlic and aubergines, before fresh cream and chopped, roasted red peppers are added to create a #JustDelicious sauce. Serve over freshly cooked al-dente pasta and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Russians, Pap, Oven Grilled Tomatoes and Baby Cabbage

#JustDelicious Smoked Russians pan-fried and served alongside light and fluffy pap topped with lemon and olive oil-marinated oven-grilled tomatoes and baby cabbage. Garnish with fresh chillies and spring onions.

Pork Neck Roast with Pumpkin Fritters and Couscous

A #JustDelicious Pork Neck Roast, pan-fried until golden, then oven-baked with fresh thyme, sage, anchovies, white wine and pear cider until tender. Serve with deep-fried Date and Cumin Pumpkin Fritters coated with cinnamon sugar, fluffy couscous with thyme and goji berries, and sliced beetroot drizzled with lemon juice.

Berry and Rooibos glazed Mini Eisbein, Creamy Baby Potato and Green Bean Salad

Mini Eisbeins cooked in vacuum sealed bags then coated with a #JustDelicious berry and rooibos glaze and roasted until the glaze is sticky. Serve with whole baby potatoes baked in a rich mixture of butter and cream, and a deconstructed salad made with butter-fried green beans, sliced crisp apples, deep-fried ginger and a slightly spicy cream sauce.

Christmas Morning Breakfast – Bacon Wrapped Grapes Baked in a Masala Syrup, Honey Glazed Rashers with Brie on Fruitcake and Mini Cheese Grillers with Sweet Mustard, Cream Cheese and Shortbread

A #JustDelicious assortment of oven-baked Bacon-Wrapped Grapes in a spicy Masala Syrup, sweet and crispy Honey-Glazed Rashers with creamy Brie on Fruitcake and pan-fried Mini Cheese Grillers with Sweet Mustard, Cream Cheese and Shortbread make Christmas morning breakfast a real gift!

Orange, Garlic and Pear Gammon with Pea, Feta and Bacon Salad served with Seed Brittle

Smokey and #JustDelicious Gammon coated with brown sugar, salt and pepper, then covered with thinly sliced pears, chopped garlic and oven-baked in a bath of orange juice. Serve alongside a deconstructed pea salad with rocket, mint and baby spinach topped with crispy bacon, crusty croissant croutons and creamy Danish feta.

Marinated Loin Ribs with Stuffed Spinach and Corn Bread

#JustDelicious Marinated Loin Ribs are braaied over medium hot coals until cooked and served with a deliciously cheesy cornbread and a bacon-wrapped stuffed spinach roll filled with a mixture of cheese, chives and sundried tomato.

Bacon Jam with Stokbrood

Strips of buttery dough are wrapped around skewers and rotated over hot coals until golden and crispy. Once cooked, the stokbrood is brushed with butter and served with a #JustDelicious Bacon Jam made with golden syrup, garlic, chilli and a healthy tot of brandy.

Whiskey Butter Kasler Chops & Bread salad with Onion

#JustDelicious Kassler chops are marinated in a peppery onion and whiskey butter, then grilled over the coals until cooked. Serve with a crunchy bread salad seasoned with garlic, chives and pepper, and zesty cream cheese dressing.

Pork Fillet Espatada with Flavoured Butter and Fresh Herbs

Medallions of #JustDelicious Pork Fillet set on skewers, drizzled with olive oil and salt then cooked over the fire until done. Serve straight from the coals on a thick slice of fresh bread topped with a zesty garlic and paprika butter.

Rib Burger Steamed Buns

Our #JustDelicious rib burger and an appetising mixture of red onions, sage and white cheddar are sandwiched between two flattened pieces of dough, brushed with olive oil and steamed over boiling water until cooked. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Flapjack roll ups for the road

Creamy buttermilk flapjack batter is lightly flavoured with castor sugar and vanilla, then poured into a hot pan and cooked until flapjacks are golden brown. Each flapjack is spread with cream cheese, sprinkled with white cheddar, layered with a pan-fried mixture of leeks, spinach and feta and topped with a #JustDelicious Red Vienna before being rolled up to serve. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Bacon Rusks for the road

A thick, sweet buttermilk rusk batter is combined with crunchy pumpkin seeds, caramel chips and #JustDelicious crispy bacon then baked and stored overnight to cool. Slice into equally sized fingers and slow-bake overnight to dry out before storing in airtight containers. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Garlic Polony Omelette

A velvety batter made of cream, lemon juice and eggs is fried in butter until cooked, filled with a thin layer of apricot jam, yellow cheddar, spring onion and our special garlic polony then folded in half to create a #JustDelicious Garlic Polony Omelette. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Christmas Spiced Donut with Brandy Icing

Festively flavoured with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves, our #JustDelicious sweet dough is combined with raisins and glazed cherries, shaped into donuts and deep-fried until golden brown before being dipped in a sweet, boozy brandy glaze and topped with thick royal icing and extra glazed cherries. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!


Caramel Spiced Crackling

The rind of our #JustDelicious Pork Belly is brushed with oil, sprinkled with coarse salt and oven-baked until golden and brittle, then broken into shards and seasoned with a salty-sweet caramel spice made of sugar, sumac, salt and mustard seeds. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Dark Chocolate Candied Bacon

Our #JustDelicious Rindless Streaky Bacon is oven-baked until crispy, dipped into melted dark chocolate and covered with candied ginger, candied orange and toasted almond flakes before being lightly sprinkled with coarse salt. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Cheesy Lunch to Share

Soft hot dog buns are butter-toasted and generously topped with fresh, peppery rocket, a layer of spicy cherry tomato relish, our pan-fried #JustDelicious Cheese Grillers, crispy sliced leeks and generous helpings of savoury, smooth cheese sauce. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Inspirational Pork Pies

Gold Medal Pork Sausages, decased and combined with a softened mixture of carrots, onions, thyme, sage and garlic make a rich, tasty filling for our #JustDelicious Pork Pies. Shortcrust pastry is cut to size and filled with the yummy pork mixture before being brushed with beaten egg and oven-baked to golden brown perfection. Freeze and reheat as needed. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Super Muffins

Our #JustDelicious streaky bacon is sliced into bite-sized pieces and pan-fried until crispy then combined with a smooth muffin batter and oven-baked to create beautiful, golden brown muffins. Add salted dark chocolate and banana, apple crumble and peanut butter, mixed berry and white chocolate or avocado, leek and parmesan cheese to the batter before baking to create sweet or savoury options that’ll blow your mind! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Hot Dog Wraps

Our #JustDelicious American Hot Dogs are pan-fried until golden and served on a toasted wrap with a fresh red onions, peppery rocket, juicy blueberries and a smooth, tasty spinach and cashew nut hummus flavoured with garlic, lemon and thyme. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Tramezzini Treats

Tramezzinis are sliced open, spread with a zesty thyme and spring onion cream cheese, topped with fresh spinach leaves, slightly charred baby marrows, slices of our #JustDelicious Chicken Polony and grated white cheddar then butter-toasted until golden and crispy. Serve with deep-fried crumbed green tomatoes and a side of the zesty thyme and spring onion cream cheese. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Caribbean Fried Dumplings with Jamaican Rum Pulled Pork

Buttery, golden-brown Caribbean Fried Dumplings are served with a helping of rich, aromatic #JustDelicious Jamaican Rum Pulled Pork and topped with a zesty apple, red onion and jalapeño salsa. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Battered Russians with Tequila & Lime Sweet Potato Pickle & Ginger Mayo

Deep-fried until crispy and golden brown, these #JustDelicious Battered Russians are served with a sweet potato pickle flavoured with tequila, lime, sugar and garlic, then topped with a fiery, aromatic ginger mayo. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Spicy Pork and Dill Tzatziki Flatbread

#JustDelicious Pork Goulash is coated with a garlic and chilli marinade, pan-fried until tender and served on a toasted, buttered flatbread, topped with light, creamy tzatziki made of greek yoghurt, mint and zingy lime. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Pork Belly Cuban Sarmie

A pan-toasted hot dog bun is spread with a buttery mustard mixture and topped with melted Emmentaler and cheddar cheeses, sliced dill pickles and #JustDelicious slices of oven-roasted, golden brown Pork Belly. Serve with extra pickles and our zesty mayo dipping sauce! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Pepper & Parmesan Pork Fillet with Pomegranate Fig Curd & Tender Stem Veg

#JustDelicious Pork Fillet, pan-fried, sliced and rubbed with a mixture of Parmesan cheese, lemon zest and black pepper then dressed with a sweet pomegranate and green fig curd and served alongside fresh, crunchy tenderstem vegetables. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Pork Belly with Brown Rice & Fennel Bulbs

Our #JustDelicious pork belly is seasoned and oven-roasted until crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Serve on a bed of creamy garlic brown rice alongside fennel bulbs topped with parmesan cheese. for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Deconstructed Welsh Rarebit with Eskort Mini Picnic Ham

Slices of sourdough bread layered with a savoury cheddar mixture and our #JustDelicious Mini Picnic Ham, oven-baked until golden brown and then topped with a creamy beer and spring onion sauce. for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Salsa Verde Pasta with Pork Strips

Al dente pasta shells dressed with a zesty salsa verde made of fresh herbs, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, then topped with our #JustDelicious Pork Strips and a handful of baby spinach leaves. for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Pork & Pear Burger with Kale & Potato Skin Chips

On a bed of rocket and baby spinach, a #JustDelicious pan-fried thyme and gorgonzola cheese burger is topped with thin slices of caramelised pear followed by a dollop of zesty mayonnaise and served with salty-sweet crispy kale and potato skin chips. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Summer Sarmie Chicken Braai Burger

Butter-toasted slices of ciabatta loaf are rubbed with fresh garlic, topped with a #JustDelicious oven-baked Chicken Braai Burger and a serving of bright, tangy coleslaw then garnished with a colourful selection of edible flowers. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Gin & Tonic Pork Chops

Our #JustDelicious Pork Chops are steeped in a tangy gin marinade, pan-fried to golden brown perfection and served garnished with lemon zest and italian parsley alongside a vibrant mint, spring onion and rainbow carrot salad drizzled with a spicy-sweet maple dressing. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Liver Spread on Toast with Onion and Raspberry Marmalade

Fresh slices of baguette, drizzled with olive oil, seasoned with coarse salt and oven-baked until golden and crispy, then layered with #JustDelicious liver and bacon spread, cream cheese and raspberry and onion marmalade. Serve with a slice of lemon and fresh herbs. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Bacon Granola with Panna Cotta & Seasonal Fruit

Creamy, slightly-sweetened vanilla panna cotta is topped with a crunchy combination of oats, coconut, bran flakes, almond flakes, dried cranberries and #JustDelicious salty, crispy minced bacon, and served alongside fresh seasonal fruit.  Mmm.. Now that’s Delicious! For this and other #JustDelicious recipes visit

Waffle with Maple Whipped Mascarpone & BBQ Pork Neck (A summer breakfast for him).

A crisp, golden waffle is topped with a generous helping of fluffy maple-whipped mascarpone, strips of #JustDelicious BBQ-spiced pork neck steaks and garnished with fresh herbs. Serve with a side of fresh green grapes.  Mmm.. Now that’s Delicious! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!


Bagel Brunch for Two

A fresh golden bagel is sliced in half, pan-toasted in olive oil and topped with zesty lemon cream cheese, deveined fresh spinach, a thin slice of #JustDelicious French polony and soft boiled eggs. Spoon over a dollop of creamy hollandaise sauce and serve.  Mmm.. Now that’s Delicious! For this and other #JustDelicious recipes visit

Continental Toasted Ham & Peach Breakfast

Thyme-infused mascarpone is spread on pan-toasted slices of buttered rye and topped with #JustDelicious Wiltshire ham, slices of creamy Brie and sweet, golden peach halves. Mmm.. Now that’s Delicious! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Sage Pork Loin on a Harvest Table

Our #JustDelicious Pork Loin is generously drizzled with olive oil, seasoned and seared in a hot ovenproof pan, then dressed with fresh sage and surrounded by your choice of plums or figs, before being oven-roasted to perfection. Serve with masala-spiced roasted butternut, labneh topped with homemade pear chutney and a fresh mixed-leaf salad. Vote for Sugas Magical Meal Moment at and for this and other mmmouth-watering recipes!


Secret Sausage Paella                          

This dish is the key to your heart! Rice is cooked in chicken stock until tender. #JustDelicious slices of Mr Mediterranean and bite-sized pieces of chicken breast are cooked together with onion, tomatoes, red pepper, peas, garlic and origanum, combined with the rice, seasoned and tossed together. Garnish with parsley and serve warm. Visit for this recipe and vote for me at to win big!

Golden Sausage Risotto                       

Taking #JustDelicious to new levels! Mr Peppadew & Feta is uncased, rolled into #JustDelicious meatballs and fried until evenly browned. Risotto rice is briefly fried together with onion, garlic, turmeric and thyme before chicken stock is added in small amounts to allow rice to cook evenly. Once rice is cooked but still maintains a slight crunch, meatballs and steamed butternut are added, and gently mixed in. Serve warm with a generous helping of parmesan cheese. Visit for this recipe and vote for me at to win big!

Spicy Cheese & Sausage Fondue (Ques Fundido)                       

OLÉ! Mr Jalapeno is uncased and fried with onions until golden brown. Beer is heated until a simmer, cheese is slowly whisked into the beer until everything combines, and then the #JustDelicious sausage mixture is added. Transfer to an oven dish and grill in an oven until the cheese is bubbling. Allow to cool slightly and top with a fiery salsa made of the tomato, green chilli, coriander and onion. Serve with tortilla chips. Visit for this recipe and vote for me at to win big!

Sausage, Onion & Mustard Tart                        

Dandy, delightful and #JustDelicious! Mr Gold Medal is fried until browned and then sliced on the diagonal. Puff pastry is rolled out, brushed with hot English mustard, layered with onion and slices of sausage, and seasoned. Roll the edges up, brush with egg and bake until golden brown. Dress with fresh rocket, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and serve warm. Visit for this recipe and vote for me at to win big!

Full English Breakfast with a Twist        

A British breakfast with a bite! Mr Gold Medal is pan-fried until browned and plated with crispy bacon, fried tomatoes, buttery sautéed mushrooms, spicy baked beans and eggs prepared to your preference. Serve with a side of warm, buttered toast. Visit for this recipe and vote for me at to win big!


Rustic Greek Sausage & Peppers (Spetsofai)

OPA! Mr Mediterranean is browned and cut into coins. Peppers, onion, chilli flakes and garlic are fried until softened, then chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, red wine and seasonings are added. Once the mixture is cooked, the sausage coins are added, and the dish is left to simmer until reduced and thickened. Serve warm with crusty bread. Visit for this recipe and vote for me at to win big!

Sausage, Quinoa & Broccoli Bowl                                 

Hyped-up and healthy! Mr Peppadew & Feta is fried, sliced into coins and cooked with garlic, broccoli florets, sundried tomatoes and corn kernels. This mixture is combined with cooked quinoa in a large pan and stirred until heated through. Serve warm, seasoned with salt and pepper. Visit for this recipe and vote for me at to win big!

Sausage Chilli con Carne                                  

A full-on flavour fiesta! Mr Jalapeno is pan-fried until browned, sliced on the diagonal and set aside. Chopped garlic, onions, peppers and tomatoes are combined with 4-bean mix, seasoned and cooked at a simmer for 10 minutes. Mr Jalapeno is added and combined with the tomato mixture before being served warm with rice, grated cheddar and an Italian parsley garnish. Visit for this recipe and vote for me at to win big!

Spicy Cheesy Croquettes

Put the fire in your flamenco! Eskort Jalapeño Pork Sausages are pan-fried, halved and wrapped in a #JustDelicious mixture of mashed potato, grated onions, finely chopped jalapeños and sharp cheddar before being dipped in beaten egg and covered with breadcrumbs. Each flavourful croquette is then deep-fried until golden brown and served with a hot sauce of your choice. Visit for this and other recipes!


Pea & Pesto Sausage Lasagna

Timeless and tasty! Eskort Gold Medal Pork Sausage meat is removed from the casing, seasoned and shaped into #JustDelicious meatballs, which are fried until browned and cooked through. Cherry tomatoes are fried and set aside. Cream cheese, cream, basil, broccoli florets, peas and green pesto are simmered together in a saucepan until a smooth, thick sauce forms, after which meatballs are mixed in. In a casserole dish, two layers are made of the meatball mixture, fried tomatoes, lasagne sheets, and mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, then oven-baked until golden brown and served with a fresh green salad. Visit for this and other recipes!


Spanish Style Omelette

True romance is in the taste! Cubed potatoes and chopped onions are seasoned with paprika, salt and pepper, and fried in butter until golden. Pan-fried Eskort Mediterranean Pork Sausages are cubed and combined with the potato mixture. Eggs are beaten and poured over the potato and sausage mixture, and then cooked on a low-heat until the eggs have set. Once cooked, this #JustDelicious Spanish Style Omelette is garnished with fresh parsley and served warm. Visit for this and other recipes!


Warm Spiced Chickpea Salad

Keepin’ it 100! The #JustDelicious Eskort Peppadew® and Feta Pork Sausages are pan-fried in olive oil, removed from the pan and sliced into coins. In the same oil, chickpeas, cumin, chilli flakes and garlic are fried until spices have cooked off, then chopped sundried tomatoes and sausage coins are added. Everything is tossed gently in the pan to combine and heat through, then served warm, garnished with fresh parsley and creamy, crumbled feta cheese. Visit for this and other recipes!


Vote for your Favourite recipe (or Eskort Pork Sausage character) this week for a chance to Win. To vote and see the details to this fabulous contest, go to

Peppadew® Pepper Pizza(zz)

Straight-up savage! Mr Peppadew® & Feta is pan-fried and sliced into coins before being evenly spread over a pizza base topped with tomato and basil sauce, gooey mozzarella cheese, red peppers, piquant Peppadews® and crumbly feta cheese! Oven-bake for 25 minutes until the base is browned and enjoy all the #JustDelicious tangy, gooey goodness! Visit for this and other quick recipes!

Creamy Mushroom and Sausage Quesadilla

Live la vida loca! Thick slices of the #JustDelicious Mr Jalapeno are assembled on top of a tortilla together with sharp cheddar and a creamy mushroom sauce, and then topped with another tortilla before being toasted in a hot pan until brown and slightly crisp. Serve warm and sliced into quarters with a cool mixture of tangy sour cream, spicy jalapenos and fresh coriander. Visit for this and other quick recipes!

Mustardy Sausage Rolls

Quite simply, these #JustDelicious Mustardy Sausage Rolls are the bee’s knees! Mr Gold Medal is slipped out of his sausage casing suit and mixed together with grated onion, mustard powder and seasonings. He is then reshaped, placed inside rolled-out puff pastry topped with hot English mustard and rolled-up, brushed with beaten egg, topped with sesame seeds and baked to golden brown perfection. Slice and serve warm with your favourite sauce! Visit for this and other quick recipes!

Mediterranean Shakshuka

Smoky, spicy and sensational! Mr Jalapeno is pan-fried, sliced into coins and added to a #JustDelicious thick sauce made of chopped tomatoes, onions, red pepper, garlic, olives and spices. Four holes are made in the mixture and a raw egg is placed in each hole. Cook until the eggs are set to your liking and serve warm with creamy feta cheese and Italian parsley. Visit for this and other quick recipes!

Hola 👋, it’s me, Mr Mediterranean and this is the World’s Greatest Sausage Competition 🏆! Every week, you’ll vote for your favourite #JustDelicious 😋 recipe on our competition website and stand a chance to win big! This week, the category is traditional favourites and I’m in it to win it, baby! 🤩 To see all the recipes and vote for me, visit

Spicy Sausage & Bean Pan

Spicy 🌶 and satisfying 😋, Mr Mediterranean’s Sausage and Bean Pan 🥘 will steal your heart ❤️! Close your eyes, mi amor, and enjoy every single #JustDelicious bite! 😍 Want to see more? Get this mouthwatering recipe and vote for me:


Hip n’ Happenin’ Sausages & Lentils

Bringin’ the finesse and the flava is Mr Peppadew and Feta’s game! 😘 My #JustDelicious 😋 Hip ‘n Happening Sausages & Lentils dish 🍲 is a winning 🏆 combination of flavour and sophistication, just like me and that’s what’s up! ✌🏾 Check out this recipe and vote for me!


The Mexican Burrito

Ay, caramba! Senor Jalapeno 🌶 is the fun 😜, fiery 🔥 life of the fiesta! My #JustDelicious 😋 Burrito 🌯 brings the authentic taste of Mexico 🇲🇽 to your mouth! Get the recipe here. Ju like it? Ju vote for me!


Terrific Toad-In-The-Hole

Mr Gold Medal 🥇 is just your cup of tea ☕️! My Terrific Toad-In-The-Hole is a tasty, trusted family favourite with a #JustDelicious 😋 bacon 🥓 twist! Pop over for recipe details and vote for me!


This week, we’re celebrating 🎉 101 years of making life delicious 😋 with gold medal 🥇 recipes that highlight our #JustDelicious 😋, prize-winning🏆 pork products! We are so grateful 🙏 that for over a century, South Africans have trusted us to bring fresh, quality products to their families 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦!
Visit for these and more #JustDelicious recipes!

French Toast Crumpets with Bacon & Chilli

Start off your day with a kick! 😁 These #JustDelicious 😋 French Toast Crumpets 🥞 with Bacon 🥓 & Chilli 🌶 are worth rolling out of bed for! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious


Simple Sausage Pasta

Quick ⚡️, easy 👍 and an absolute crowd-pleaser 😬😬😬, our Simple Sausage Pasta 🍝 is a #JustDelicious 😋 showcase of bold, irresistible Italian 🇮🇹 flavours! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!


Ham, Cheese & Broccoli Pockets

Cure your cravings with these #JustDelicious 😋 Ham 🍖, Cheese 🧀 and Broccoli 🥦 Pockets! They’re crunchy, creamy and big on taste! 😋🙏 Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!


Bean & Bacon Soup

Just one bowl 🥣 of this souperb 🙌🏾 winter warmer ❄️🔥 and you’ll be full of beans! Our #JustDelicious 😋 Bean & Bacon Soup 🥓🥣 is packed with enough flavour and nutrients to keep you powering through the chilly weather ❄️☔️⛈! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!


With World Cup 🏆⚽️ excitement reaching fever pitch, our chef 👩🏿‍🍳👨🏽‍🍳 was left inspired by winning cuisines across the world 🌍, so this week, we’re showcasing #JustDelicious 😋 international flavours on the ever-versatile #HotDog 🌭
Korean Style Hot Dog
This #HotDog 🌭 is literally Seoul food! Our version of the popular South Korean 🇰🇷 street food is cheesy 🧀, crunchy and #JustDelicious😋! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!


Bunless German Style Hot Dog
Auf Wiener-sehen! If you were sad to see Germany 🇩🇪 knocked out of the World Cup 🏆⚽️, our #JustDelicious 😋 German Style #HotDog 🌭 and an ice-cold beer 🍺 are the best way to lift your spirits😁! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!


Italian Hot Dog
Italy 🇮🇹 may not have qualified for the World Cup 🏆⚽️ but our Italian #HotDog 🌭 tops the leaderboard 🥇! You’ll be shouting bravo after every #JustDelicious bite 😋! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!


French “Haute” Dog

Oui #LoveHotDogs ❤️🌭❤️! The combination of flavours in our #JustDelicious 😋 French 🇫🇷 “Haute” Dog 🌭 will have you begging for merci! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!


Waste not, want not! This week, our chef 👩🏿‍🍳👨🏽‍🍳 put together four quick and easy recipes that transform everyday items and common leftover ingredients in your kitchen into #JustDelicious 😋 meals for the family! 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Our #JustDelicious 😋 Pulled Pork Sandwich 🥪 is positively upper crust! Made in no time ⚡️🕐 with our ready-to-use pulled pork, it’s the perfect 👌 solution for a quick, tasty packed lunch! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!


Sausage Bolognaise with Hidden Veggies

Ciao down on our #JustDelicious 😋 Sausage Bolognaise 🍝 with Hidden Veggies 🥕🍅! The nutritious veggies 🍅🥕 are so well hidden that even the pickiest eater in your family won’t be able to find them! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!



Sausage Pea & Egg Fried Rice

This Eastern-inspired 🇨🇳🍚 dish is a quick meal ⚡️🍽 masterpeas! Easy to make and packed with flavour, our #JustDelicious 😋 Sausage, Pea and Egg Fried Rice 🥚🍳🍚 is an eggcellent 😏😂 choice for dinner any night of the week! Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!



Cooking good food doesn’t need to cost you extra time 🕐 or money 💰! This week, our chef 👨🏽🍳 created #JustDelicious, cost-effective meals 🍽 that save you time 🕐 without compromising on flavour!

Visit for more #JustDelicious quick meals!


Breakfast Taco

Let’s taco 🌮 ‘bout eggs 🍳, baby! The #JustDelicious Breakfast Tacos 🌮 are so tasty 😋 and easy to prepare that you’ll end up having them for lunch and supper! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious quick meals!


Liver Bacon & Onions

You’ll be crying tears of joy 😭😋😁 once you take a bite of the #JustDelicious 😋 Liver, Bacon and Onions! Simple, nutritious and inexpensive, this tasty, filling meal will quickly become a weekly staple! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious quick meals!


Chickpea Pork & Peppers

This cut is a little slice of heaven 😋! Ready to serve in only 30 minutes 🕐, this #JustDelicious pork fillet makes this Chickpeas, Pork and Peppers 🍲 quick⚡ dish an instant family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 favourite! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious quick meals!



BLT Hot Dog

Lettuce satisfy your bacon cravings! We #LoveHotDogs, so we’ve given the classic Hot Dog 🌭 a #JustDelicious 😋 BLT 🍅 upgrade that will really hit the spot and only take minutes to make! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious quick meals!


With the World’s football showpiece 🏆⚽️ officially kicked off, we’ve assembled a team of #JustDelicious easy-to-prepare meals 🍽 with our new range of pork sausages as the star ⭐️ players! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious winners!

Jalapeno Sausage Nachos

Turn up the heat 🔥 with our #JustDelicious Jalapeno 🌶 Sausage Nachos! This quick meal is such a flavour-packed winner that your tummy will be doing the Mexican wave! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious winners!


Peppadew® and Feta Hot Dog

When it comes to flavourful food in a flash, our #JustDelicious Peppadew® and Feta Hot Dog is on the ball! From pan to plate 🍽 in only ten minutes 🕐, this quick ⚡️ meal ensures that you’ll never miss a second of the football action! ⚽️ Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious winners!


Stove Top Potjie

Our lekker StoveTop Potjie 🥘 ups the score from zero to #JustDelicious! The playing field may have changed from the fire 🔥 to the stove ♨️, but trust us, there are no substitutions for incredible flavour! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious winners!


Sausage Balls 4 Ways

Step up your snack game with our #JustDelicious 😋 sausage balls! Prepared four different ways with complementary dipping sauces, these quick ⚡️ and easy crowd-pleasers make entertaining on match days practically stress-free! 😁✌🏾 Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious winners!


Every dog has its day! 😉 It’s no secret that we love hot dogs, so this week, we challenged our chef 👨🏽‍🍳 to pair tasty, classic soups 🥣 with our range of mouth-watering hot dogs 🌭 to create dynamic #JustDelicious winter duos! Hurry to for all the recipes!

Minestrone Soup & Pizza Dog

Get a little pizza the action! Bursting with Italian flavours, this #JustDelicious Minestrone Soup and Pizza Dog are the perfect companions for a chilly night in! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious winter warmers.


Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Dog

Stay toasty this winter! Our Grilled Cheese Dog dipped into a hot bowl of #JustDelicious Tomato Soup is enough to make you melt! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious winter warmers.


Chicken Broccoli Soup & Garlic Dog

Cream soupreme! Together, our #JustDelicious Chicken Broccoli Soup and buttery Garlic Dog create the perfect winter warmer to keep the sniffles at bay! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious winter warmers.


This week, we’re bringing the heat with our selection of #JustDelicious curries! 🥘🌶️Rich, aromatic and completely satisfying, these spicy stews will leave you in a food korma! 😋Visit to get cooking! 😉

Curried Sausage & Pap

From driveway to dinner time in a flash! This easy-to-prepare sausage curry is perfect for those chilli winter days when you can’t wait to put your feet up and fill your tummy with a hearty meal! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious winter warmers.


Chicken & Bacon Curry

This #JustDelicious chicken and bacon curry in a hurry is second to naan! Why order in when you can easily whip up this fragrant, flavourful dish in no time?  Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious winter warmers.


Ham & Pineapple Curry

Our Ham and Pineapple curry will leave you tongue thai’d! This #JustDelicious showstopper is sure to add some serious kitchen cred to your name!  Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious winter warmers.


Pork Neck Mango Curry

There’s never a dhal moment with our #JustDelicious Pork Neck Mango Curry! Slow-cooked to tender perfection, you’ll get curried away after just one bite! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious winter warmers.


If you #LoveHotDogs, you’re about to love us even more! This week, our chef was inspired to create a variety of #JustDelicious hot dog recipes that will have you reaching for extra helpings!


Hot Dog Bites
Life is better with a little bite of happiness! 😁 Pop one, or a few of these #JustDelicious cheesy hot dog bites into your mouth whenever you need a little pick-me-up!

Go to to get the recipe.


The Mexican Dawg
This is nacho average hot dog! Our Mexican-inspired dawg brings the fiesta to your face with a #JustDelicious combination of colours, flavours and textures!

Go to for the easy recipe.


Aloha Hawaiian Hot Dog
You had us at Aloha! This winter, lay back and let our #JustDelicious Hawaiian hot dog #Eskort your tastebuds to the sunny tropics! 😋

Get the recipe at


Cream Cheese and Chive Cocktail Dogs
This dog is a smooth operator! Kick your kitchen skills up to gourmet and impress with these #JustDelicious easy-to-make cream cheese cocktail dogs.

Head over to for this and other #LoveHotDogs recipes.


Local IS truly lekker so this week we’re bringing you a variety of delicious, easy to cook traditional dishes with a #JustDelicious Eskort twist.

Sticky Sweet & Sour Pork Chops

Everyone loves a pork tjoppie (or 2!) and our #JustDelicious Sticky, Sweet & Sour marinade takes pork chops to a whole new finger-licking flavour level! Visit for this recipe! 🍴😁



Baked Beans with Pineapple & Bacon

We’re making magic in the kitchen with one of SA’s most versatile and iconic canned foods! 🧙🏻‍♂️ Our #JustDelicious Baked Beans, Pineapple & Bacon recipe creates a mouth-watering combination that kicks beans on toast right into touch! Get the recipe at 😁


Sausages Pap & Sishebo
It doesn’t get more traditionally South African than pap with a tomato sishebo! We’re mixing it up a bit with a #JustDelicious Sausages, Pap & Sishebo recipe that will be an absolute hit in any South African home. Visit for this and more traditional South African recipes! 😁


Frikkadel & Tomato Sauce Bake

Frikkadels for dinner, anyone? YES PLEASE! 😁 Our ready-to-go meatballs are the perfect solution to creating a quick, comforting & #JustDelicious Frikkadel & Tomato Sauce Bake, enjoyed with a glass of your favourite beverage of course! 😉🍷 Visit for this and more yummy recipes!



These full weeks suck – just as busy as the short week but so l-o-n-g!

This week our chefs got a little help from our friends at KotaPast9, we feature a super tasty vetkoek, a Cape Malay inspired twist for hotdogs and an alternative to a pie and ‘soda’ on the road.

How to make a kota

Okay Wasabi and Daliii Danger from KotaPast9 are on the hunt for SA’s best Kota! We’ve partnered with them to bring you this short ‘How to make a Kota’ video. Visit for this #JustDelicious Kasi favourite!


Amagwinya noPolony (Vetkoek & Polony)

It doesn’t get better than a golden deep-fried ball of happiness AKA Amagwinya! 😁 These Amagwinya noPolony & Cheese are super tasty and will seriously up your street cred. Visit for this #JustDelicious recipe!



Hot Dogs with Caramelised Onion & Smoor

Nothing says street food quite like a hot dog! 🌭 These #JustDelicious Hot Dogs with Caramelised Onion & Smoor gives this all time favourite a traditional Cape Malay twist. Get the recipe at to try out this tasty recipe 😁


Ham, Leek & Potato Pies

We know it’s getting chilly and that warm comforting pies are your favourite kinda padkos, so ditch the petrol station pie and try our #JustDelicious Ham, Leek & Potato Pies! The perfect grab-and-go snack. Go to for the recipe! 😁